General Help for Jfeeder

Type the isotope you are measuring, e.g. Ca-46

Type the state you are interested in, e.g. 2+

Average Epsilon
This is the measured average effect (epsilon), before any feeding corrections were applied. It is the result from XSA. IMPORTANT: type in the sign.

Average Epsilon Error
The corresponding error for the average epsilon measured.

Direct Slope
Type in the slope after correl corrected for the contributions from feeding states. IMPORTANT: type in the sign.

Direct Slope Error
The error of the slope as it comes out from correl

Precession Angle (mrad)
It corresponds to the measured precession angle after applying the parametrization of the transient field. The measured effect is needed. For the Rutgers parametrization, the magnetization of the ferromagnetic foil has to be known. The program usually implemented to calculate the precession angle is transrut. This output value corresponds to a g factor equal to 1 and is measured in mrad.

Precession Angle Error (mrad)
Error of the precession angle in mrad.

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