VITO-FSO Project Meeting

On October 24, 2023 Dr. Milica Velimirovic took part in a significant meeting with representatives from the funding support office (FSO) and coordination office at NK University of Athens, organized by VITO. The primary focus of this meeting was to deliberate on current procedures and practices related to funding acquisition and project management.

Discussions encompassed topics such as grant application processes, financial┬ámanagement, and adherence to project timelines. By engaging with key stakeholders in funding and coordination, nexus monARC demonstrated its commitment to ensuring the smooth execution of the project. Such interactions are vital for aligning the project’s objectives with institutional protocols, fostering transparency, and optimizing the utilization of resources. The VITO-FSO meeting exemplified nexus monARC‘s proactive approach to project governance and its dedication to adhering to the highest standards in research administration.


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