The Workshop will take place in the Seminar Room of the Nuclear and Particle Physics Section at the Department of Physics, Univ. of Athens. The department is located in Zografou Campus. A map is included below. Click here for directions.

Get to the Seminar Room

There are three gateways to the Campus. All gates are open in the morning until 10 am. After 10am the side gates (Kaisariani and Zografou Cemetery) close. The main gate (Oulof Palme Street) is the only one left open all day around.

  • Once in the UoA Zografou Campus, drive to the Physics Dept (see map below)
  • Park in front of the main entrance of the Physics Building (faces North towards the Zografou Cemetery. It also has a big sign ΤΜΗΜΑ ΦΥΣΙΚΗΣ over the door). Be warned, there are three more side entrances to the building. Avoid them and use the main one.
  • Go into the building, take the elevator to the top floor
  • Exit right, enter the main corridor. It has large, tall windows on both sides
  • Walk down the corridor ~20 meters, take the first right to wing V
  • The seminar room is the first (and second) door on your right
  • In case lost, ask for the Nuclear Physics Seminar Room or my office (located on the same wing, opposite side). Or call me at 210.727.6953 (office) / 697.300.4392 (cell).