LahanasFest 2015
"Standard Μodel and Βeyond - Unscaling SUSY"
Workshop in Honor of Athanasios Lahanas

Invited Speakers

  • S. Abel (University of Durham)
  • I. Antoniadis (Ecole Polytechnique)
  • A. Dedes (Univ. of Ioannina)
  • J.R. Ellis (CERN & King's College London)
  • C. Kounnas (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris)
  • N. Mavromatos (King's College London)
  • D. Nanopoulos (Texas A&M University and Athens Academy)
  • M. Quiros (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
  • S. Sarkar (University of Oxford & NBI Copenhagen)
  • K. Tamvakis (Univ. of Ioannina)

Workshop Program

The scientific program is available in PDF format

Morning Session - Chairs: K. Sfetsos, N. Mavromatos
09'30 - 10'15 Welcome Address
Prof. A. Calokerinos, Vice Rector (UoA)
Prof. D. Asimakopoulos, Former Rector (UoA)
Prof. C. Varotsos, Dean, School of Science (UoA)
Prof. G. Tombras, Chairman, Faculty of Physics (UoA)
10'15 - 10'40 Coffee Break
10'40 - 11'20 John Ellis (CERN and KCL)
Scaling the Heights with Thanasis [pdf]
11'20 - 12'00 Dimitri Nanopoulos (Texas A&M and Academy of Athens)
A No-Scale Model to Fit them All [pdf]
12'00 - 12'40 Costas Kounnas (LPT-ENS Paris)
Large volume SUSY breaking with a chiral solution to the decompactification problem [pdf]
12'40 - 13'20 Kyriakos Tamvakis (U. Ioannina)
Inflation in No-Scale Supergravity [pdf]
13'20 - 15'30 Lunch Break
Afternoon Sessions - Chairs: I. Bakas, I. Rizos
15'30 - 16'10 Mariano Quiros (ICREA/IFEA)
SUSY custodial Higgs triplets [pdf]
16'10 - 16'50 Ignatios Antoniadis (A. Einstein Institute & École Polytechnique)
Aspects of supergravity phenomenology in particle physics and cosmology [pdf]
16'50 - 17'30 A. Dedes (U. Ioannina)
Doublet-Triplet Fermionic Dark Matter [pdf]
17'30 - 18'00 Coffee Break
18'00 - 18'40 Subir Sarkar (U. Oxford & NBI Copenhagen)
Frontiers of cosmology [pdf]
18'40 - 19'20 Steven Abel (U. Durham)
Something exciting and new [pdf]
19'20 - 20'00 Nick Mavromatos (KCL)
(Pseudo)Scalar Fields in the Early Universe: role on inflation and matter-antimatter asymmetry [pdf]