Research Opportunities

Do you want to be the next NuSTRAPista?
Then contact us and we can talk about all available research opportunities within our group.
If you are interested in joining us, especially for a BSc project (πτυχιακή), please fill in this application form. Data will remain confidential and are only for research availability purposes. No data will be shared with anyone.

Mandatory Requirements
  • Knowledge of English
  • Attended Intro to Nuclear Physics class
  • Determination to work hard
Desired Skills
  • Team spirit, punctuality
  • Familiarity with Linux and some programming language (C++, python, MATLAB etc) is highly desirable.

Available student projects (update 03.2023)

Theoretical modelling of nuclear observables in exotic nuclei
Background: required: Physics; Level: BSc

Studies of electromagnetic properties of exotic nuclei. Special emphasis is given on angular distributions and lifetimes.
Background required: Physics; Level: MSc, BSc

Measurements of environmental radioactivity in marine ecosystems
Background required: Physics; Level: BSc

Large-scale radioactivity modelling in marine environments (3D diffusion processes)
Background required: Physics; Level: BSc, MSc

Characterization of uranium minerals using both in situ and hi-res gamma spectroscopy
Background required: Physics/Geology; Level: MSc, BSc

Geant4 and MCNP5 projects targeting simulations of new spectrometers for various field applications
Background required: Physics; Level: MSc, BSc