About Us

The NuSTRAP group (Nuclear Structure, Reactions & Applications) was formed in 2012, shortly after Theo Mertzimekis took over his duties as a newly appointed Assistant Professor in the Department of Nuclear and Particle Physics at the University of Athens.

The group has a flowing number of students at all levels performing cutting-edge research in the wide area of Nuclear Physics and Applications of radiation (ions and photons). Since 2012, NuSTRAP members have led or participated in several peer-reviewed proposals to carry out important measurements, studying phenomena of high importance at both fundamental and applied levels. In the meantime, a significant effort was invested in resurrecting existing equipment to expand the range of investigations.

In addition, outreach and educational activities are at the core of the group's activities, providing freshly-acquired knowledge to extra-academic audiences and the general public.

The NuSTRAP group has a significant publication record, drive for excellence and thirst in exploring novel research ideas.