Nuclear Lunch

[13.12.2022] Prof. Omar Benhar
Constraining nuclear dynamics with multi-messenger astrophysical data

[06.12.2022] Dr. Athanasios Psaltis
Stellar fireworks and the origin of the elements

[01.11.2022] Dr. Panagiotis Georgoudis
New perceptions on the structure of compound nuclei led by the physics of cold atoms

[11.10.2022] Dr. Stylianos Nikas
Neutron star mergers and the role of high precision mass measurements on nucleosynthesis

[04.10.2022] Dr. Alexandros Koutsioumpas
Neutrons and X-rays as tools in Bio-Physics

[14.06.2022] Dr. Dimitrios Papoulias
The landscape of CEvNS: a global view

[31.05.2022] Dr. Vicky Prassa
Shapes and symmetries in atomic nuclei

[15.03.2022] Dr. Anastasios Kanellakopoulos
Shell evolution on the germanium isotopic chain

[07.12.2021] Dr. Ioannis Madesis
Investigation of single electron capture in swift C4+ (s2s3S) collisions with gas targets using a zero-degree Auger projectile spectroscopy apparatus built with the L45 beam line at the Demokritos 5.5 MV Tandem accelerator

[30.11.2021] Dr. Varvara Lagaki
Development of an electrostatic ion beam trap for laser spectroscopy of short-lived radionuclides

[13.04.2021] Prof. Lydia Maigne
The GATE Monte Carlo simulation platform: the researcher's ally in medical physics